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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The English Summer

So this is what things have looked like around here lately:

The flowers are lovely, and everything is green, thanks primarily to weather like this just about once every afternoon:

Grandma and Grandpa's visit went very well. They stayed here for a good while, from before Matt's graduation party, to Sunday morning. So I got the opportunity to cook some more at home, fixing up the lasagne for Matt's party, as well as a good-sized dinner for a belated Father's Day on Thursday, and then ziti for the Independence Day party. Thursday's menu started off with an insalata mista, then for the primi I fixed up tagliatelle alla bolognese, and for secondi, a beef pot roast braised in red wine. For contorni, we had steamed asparagus, and cannoli for dessert. And here's the prep for the sauce:

And the finished sauce:

Also, as you can see, Molly the Kitten has been learning Latin with me.

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