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Monday, March 9, 2009

Curriculum Vitae Futurum

Curriculum Vitae
Full Name: Kenneth Richard Michael Augustus Percival MacAlbion Kirkman (a bit of an exaggeration, but in keeping with the new and exciting field of creative nominology)

DOB: Prid. Id. Maii, Anno Domini Nostri IHS XCI MCMLXXXVII, Ab Urbe Condita MMDCCXL

Likes: Puppies, Latin, palaeography, Latin palaeography, the collecting of stamps, wool socks, and tedious sermonizing on the autoapocolocyntosis of Western civilization.

Dislikes: Broccoli.

Academic History: SUNY Geneseo- TBA. Tentatively, BA in History, with significant readings in topics totally unrelated either to major field or non-major courses taken.

Publications: In progress: Germanic Phonology and Laical/Ecclesiastical Lexical Oppositions in the History of the Word "Lewd"
Past: Discourses of Aurescence: Ornamentation in the Dream of the Rood; Monarchy- Not Tried and Found Wanting, but Found Difficult and Usually Abandoned or Summarily Executed; The Fallacy of Vernacularism- How Bad English Translations Have Impaired the Liturgical Sense of the Vast Majority of Roman Catholics; A Møøse Once Bit My Sister- A Study of Nervous Disorders Induced by Freak Alcine Attacks; The Leek: Friend or Foe?

2007: Keynote Speaker at the Society for the Promotion of Anachronistic Behavior. Keynote Address: The Hat- a Lost Art.
2008: Annual meeting of the American Association for Politically Incorrect Perspectives on Ecclesiastical History. Presented paper: Innocent III- the Master of Papal Diplomacy and Guardian of All Christendom. Subsequently expressed desire to the Vatican to lead the cause for sainthood of afore-mentioned pontiff. No response as yet.

Current Occupation: Self-Declared Expert on Every Subject At Hand; Pretensions to academia.


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