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Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's getting scary

As might be expected, it's been a busy time of year. But I have a bit of a lull at the moment, and I've been using it to get caught up on election news. One of the gems I missed somewhere along the line was this (many thanks to YouTube):

A civilian national security force.

I'll save my apocalyptic rantings for a little later. Now the analysis.
This demonstrates one of two things: 1) Barack Hussein Obama is a complete, total, utter imbecile or 2) He is an unabashed fascist.

A "civilian national security force" equal in power, funding, etc. to our military. Well, one of the defining concepts of our military, of any national military, is operating within a clear chain of command, accountable to the government of our country. What does it mean, though, for a government to create a civilian national security force? This seems rather a contradiction in terms- if the government makes it, then it's a government show. Now it does not seem like Barry Obama is simply telling people to buy a rifle, line up, and take their posts; indeed, given his liberal background and the attendant views on gun control (not entirely without merit in Chicago, perhaps) this seems, well, right out. This civilian national security force would be equipped, outfitted, and maintained by the government of the United States. Now, our economy is immense, and our military is the best the world has ever seen, but I don't think we could handle two of them, unless Obama plans to cut our real military down to a size that would make Canada look like a credible threat. What I'm hoping is that Obama realizes this also, and simply made this statement without thinking. Very likely the teleprompter cut out on him, and in the heat of the moment, he came up with an idea that sounded quite nice to his mode of thinking, without ever intending to act on it, knowing that it would be constitutionally and financially impossible to do so. If so, then he's simply an idiot. This is the ticket with Joe Biden, remember, and maybe his penchant for going off half-cocked has rubbed off on the normally suave Obama. This would be by far the more pleasant alternative.

What if that's not the case, though? What if Obama really means to go through with this thing? I think it's clear that the Democrats will take Congress, with a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and a desire to make real nice with the new Boss, to whom many Congressional Democrats have already offered unfettered adulation. McCain's political career would essentially be over, and as for other bright stars in the Republican field, their effectiveness will likely be severely curtailed. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Fairness Doctrine brandished menacingly, and implemented if they're feeling lucky. Talk radio and conservative media have been in these people's sights for years, and judging by how desperate they've sounded after being out of the Oval Office for eight years, they'd be out for some serious blood. That stifles a big part of the movement, and cuts off a major conduit of news and information to the American people. Not that we couldn't do with some pruning in that area; a Michael Savage, for all the fun he can be, has done little more, seemingly, than tell us for hours on end how much he loathes George W. Bush in the recent past, and while I'm not pleased with the direction this Administration has gone, I can remember the days when Savage was quite fulsome in his praise of the President. Moderation of that enthusiasm I could understand and sympathize with; the sudden shift to an almost monomaniacal diatribe is a too jarring for me to consider him of much continued use to conservatism. Perhaps I do Mr. Savage an injustice, but this is how it seems to me. And William F. Buckley, God rest His soul, left us at a bad time. Oh well, at least he's in a place where none of this matters. I expect he's making good use of the archival material available to him there.

At any rate, my elegy for conservatism has distracted me. His Obamaness will be in a position to get done what he wants without having to ask too nicely. Suppose, then, that this civilian national security force is something he wants, and the cost be damned. What would this mean? Under whose authority would they be; to whom would they be accountable? Would their officials be appointed by the President, and, owing to their status as civilian, would they need to be vetted at all by any sort of oversight acting in the interests of the people? How would their officers be selected? Shadow academies, run on the model of our military academies, but owing loyalty to whom or what? Would there even be such a command structure? Given that it would be a civilian outfit, how would their operations and jurisdiction differ? What national security policy and practices would they be implementing? Why should a civilian force need to be as heavily equipped as the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and the respective reserve branches? What threat within the boundaries of this country does Obama think would require that sort of use of force? Is he anticipating a rebellion? Is he creating one? What the Hell is going on?

What precisely has our military done wrong that it should no longer be considered up to its task? Why would such a buildup and restructuring be considered if there are no such conventional threats on our borders? Wouldn't it make more sense to call for expansion in existing fast-response outfits within police units, given that conventional warfare is not a viable means to preventing terrorist attacks within the United States? What is Barry Hussein getting at?

"So this is how liberty dies- to thundrous applause."

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