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Thursday, September 25, 2008

In other news, the sky is still supsended, miraculously...

When I woke up this morning, evidently there was still an economy. So that's good.

In all seriousness, though, this whole "economic crisis" thing is trying; for one, trying to get information about the entire mess is almost completely futile. You're provided with several different personal analyses of what went wrong and who went and done wronged it, habitually followed by a political platitude ("If only those Republicans/Democrats hadn't gone and X, &c. ad infinitum).

I say, "If only the whole bloody lot of you stopped messing with things which are far more complex than you had the brains or patience for! Don't go fiddling with the economy based on abstractions, however lovely they might look on paper! Govern best by governing least." This is not to argue that principle should not be taken into account when assessing issues of legality and proper economic activity, but rather to cry out against the work of theorists, con-men, and witch doctors who promise economic miracles, "if only you accept this completely absurd and outrageously reductionist idea."

There. Enough on that.

Evidently, the Archbishop of Canterbury has gone and gotten himself into hot water again. Poor fellow, and this time I actually agreed with him! It seems to be just his luck that the one time he does something right, 2/3 of his bishops round and beat him about the head and shoulders. Evidently, going to Lourdes and preaching there did not quite sit well with the Protestant elements in the flailing Church of England.

What I really didn't get was the one statement by a Jeremy Brooks, who claimed that the whole sermon was a denial of Protestant orthodoxy. 1) I didn't know the CoE even had such a thing. 2) He mentioned in this context the untenability of referring to Mary as 'the Mother of God'. Now, I'm not as up on Protestant theology as I ought to be, but when the heck did they outright deny the Theotokos? I mean, what else can we call her? Have they gone Nestorian or something, and I missed the memo? I mean, yes, it is a Cath-o-lick sort of thing to say, but what does Protestant orthodoxy consist of, that it evidently accepts wholesale the tenets of a thousand year old heresy? Very confusing.

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