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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pentecost Sunday in Vatican City

His Holiness broke out some older vestments for Mass this Sunday. NLM was more than kind enough to post a few images, including:

A very handsome chasuble, and an interesting cut. It's a hybrid between the mediaeval Gothic and semi-Gothic chasubles and the later Roman style, which tended to be squarer and less cloak-like than the Gothic. Interesting blend between the two. The specific cut is a taglio filipino, named for St. Philip Neri and also favored by St. Ignatius of Loyola. Also, the new ferula looks like it's here to stay. Evidently, it's lighter than the bent-cross crosier favored by John Paul the Great. I was somewhat fond of the old one, but it has now become so strongly identifiable with JPII that setting it aside is in many ways a nice gesture. And the new one is plenty nice besides.

On the note of the commission to the Apostles, so apt on Pentecost, I'm glad to have finally knocked off that paper on globalization and the Church. 16 pages of text and 37 sources later, anyway. I'm exhausted. And quite tired of writing. So this may very well be my last post before the semester ends.

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