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Saturday, November 10, 2007

This is heartening


It's nice to have one's own Pope telling you to start going against the grain. I think it's also of great comfort that His Holiness knows what sort of pressures college students are subjected to.

This also emphasizes how counter-cultural it is to try to adhere to the teachings of Christ in this day and age. It seems that so many institutions are geared towards indoctrinating attitudes which are antithetical to Christian life. Schools tell you to get ahead, but they will also tell you that your moral scruples are yours alone and that no other person would be expected to follow them. They will tell you that it is almost evil to have unprotected sex, but they would never think of discouraging sexual activity at all. They will preach tolerance of all beliefs, but then they will tell you that your particular beliefs are not compatible, and in fact are directly opposed to, human reason. And it's becoming evident that the Catholic students are getting fed up.

It's not a huge movement, really, but it is noticeable if you pay attention. More and more teenagers and young adults are starting to reject the relativist and religiously and morally apathetic philosophy which has held Western civilization in a death grip for the past 40 years. They're starting to raise their voices in support of traditional Christian morality, for the use of the Tridentine Latin Mass, for priests who are trained to preach the Gospel and instruct them in the faith, not to cop out and tell them that God loves you. Certainly He does; but that particular theme has been over-emphasized of late to the detriment of the concept that humans themselves have an obligation to live in the ways He taught us. God is forgiving, but He is certainly not permissive.

And it's actually a little funny to see it happen... where their forebears would leave the Church or stop caring because they found it boring, stuffy, oppressive, and absurd, the children of that generation are finding their faith to be alive, enlightening, uplifting, and beautiful.

Don't get me wrong; it would take generations of people like that to be able to rid our civilization of that 1960's mindset which has so plagued the West; but the roots are there.

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